Masonic Rites


Excerpt from the BBC television program This World, ‘The Mormon Candidate’ interview with LDS Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland: 1

Interviewer: As a Mormon, in the temple, I’ve been told. He [Mitt Romney] would have sworn an oath to say that he would not pass on what happens in the temple, lest he slit his throat. Is that true?

Holland: That’s not true. Thats not true. We do not have penalties in the temple.

Interviewer: You used to.

Holland: We used to.

Interviewer: Therefore he swore an oath saying I will not tell anyone about the secrets here, lest I slit my throat.

Holland: Well, the… the vow that was made was regarding the ordinance, the ordinance of the temple

Interviewer: It sounds Masonic sir. It sounds masonic.

Holland: Well it’s comparable, it’s similar to to to a Masonic uhh.. relationship.

Interviewer: The most, Potentially, the most powerful man in the world, who’d sworn an oath that he must not tell anyone about what he’s seen lest he slit his throat.

Holland: That he would not tell anyone about his personal pledge to the Lord.




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