This site is a collection of memes about stuff you missed in Sunday school. A play on words and an insinuation that it’s your fault you don’t know these things already. You simple missed them…

Gaslighting at its finest blames the victim for not knowing what was never presented. These topics were not things you “missed”. They were actually strategically hidden from you as to not damage your faith. Sunday school lessons and every message from the church is marketed material that has been calculated to be faith promoting only. Sadly, much of the truth then is left out because it is not faith promoting. This site is then an unfiltered look into the LDS Mormon narrative. No white-washed history or hand-picked stories or gaslighting.

If you have thoughts, comments, corrections or even suggestions please contact us. Please share about things we missed in Sunday school too.

The site is run by a team of folks dedicated to transparent truth.

We acknowledge and are grateful to Craig Stapley who started this whole shindig and has been gracious enough to pass the torch to those willing to carry it for a while.

Some resources for those who may be surprised by what you are now learning about the church: