Untrue to her future husband


David O. Mckay. Excerpt from ‘Man May Know for Himself’, Pg. 83: 1

“The dominant evil in the world today is unchastity. He who is unchaste in young manhood is untrue to a trust given him by the parents of the girl; and she who is unchaste in maidenhood is untrue to her future husband and lays the foundation of unhappiness, suspicion, and discord in the home. Do not worry about these teachers who say something about inhibitions. Just keep in mind this eternal truth that chastity is a virtue to be prized as one of life’s noblest achievements. It contributes to the virility of manhood. It is the crowning virtue of womanhood, and every red-blooded man knows that is true. It is a chief factor to a happy home; it is the source of strength and perpetuity of the nation.”