Under No Circumstances


Excerpt from the LDS 1940 General Handbook of Instructions, Pg. 131,132: 1

“Special Cases—Recommends may be given to wives of members of the Church who have not had their own endowments only if husbands are absolutely willing that the endowments should be given to their wives. Before such recommends are issued presidents of· stakes will be expected to personally interview husbands in order to assure themselves that the husbands have no objection to endowments being given to their wives. Husbands must express their willingness and consent in writing, and this written consent is to be attached to the tempIe recommend, which must be signed by the bishop of the ward and the president of the stake, or, in the case of people living in missions, by the president of the branch and the president of the mission. Recommends will not be accepted at the Temple for these special cases unless the letters of consent accompany them. Women should not be urged nor requested to take advantage of this rule. It is a privilege to be granted those who have proved themselves worthy and are desirous of receiving these blessings.

Under no circumstances is a recommend to the Temple to be issued to a wife whose husband is not a member of the Church. Experience has shown that the results of giving endowments to women whose husbands are not members of the Church have led to regrettable and unfortunate conditions.”



1 Handbook of Instruction for Stake Presidencies, Bishops and Counselors, Stake and Ward Clerks and Other Church Officers (1940) – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Vs4YXzKZEpcGNXcnh5NUFobk0/view?usp=sharing