Ugly Knees


Excerpts from Apostle Mark E. Petersen’s ‘The Way to Peace’: 1

“The miniskirt was a British creation. At first it drew the unanimous scorn of the fashion experts in Europe and the United States.

Particularly were the French designers outspoken in their condemnation of the new fad. They pointed out that such styles threw women’s clothes out of proper proportion and therefore were evidence of bad designing. Then they pointed out to the ugliness of the knees in general and of the fat ones and the bony ones in particular. Are there any others?”

“Americans scoffed at it for quite some time too, but here, as in Paris, the London styles swept everything before them, and many of our women now feel obliged not only to display their badly shaped knees, but their thighs as well.”

“No woman looks as lovely as when she is properly and fully clothed. What woman can suppose that ugly knees and bony shoulder blades can add luster to her charm?”



1 Apostle Mark E. Petersen, ‘The Way to Peace’, Bookcraft –