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October 26, 2000 letter from Boyd K. Packer: [footnote]Full letter from Boyd Packer – October 26, 2000[/footnote]

To: General Authorities; Area Authority Seventies; Stake, Mission, and District President; Bishops and Branch Presidents

Dear Brethren:

Missionaries’ Communications with Their Families

In order to succeed, missionaries must have a spirit of devotion, obedience, and sacrifice as they seek to proclaim the gospel and establish the Church among the people they are called to serve. This devotion includes a commitment to leave their loved ones and serve with an eye single to the glory of God. This separation from loved ones is part of the sacrifice that families and missionaries contribute to the work of the Lord.

Under the direction of the mission president, missionaries may telephone their parents at Christmas and on one other occasion during the year, usually Mother’s Day or another significant holiday.

Because these calls have a tendency to distract missionaries from their service, stake presidents and bishops should encourage parents to keep these calls to a few minutes in order to minimize costs to the families. Mission presidents should instruct missionaries to limit the calls to a few minutes.


Boyd K. Packer Acting President Quorum of the Twelve



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Full letter from Boyd Packer – October 26, 2000