Teen Brides of Early Mormon Prophets


Joseph Smith Jr.

From the LDS Gospel Topic Essay, Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo found on LDS.org.

‘The youngest [of Joseph’s brides] was Helen Mar Kimball, daughter of Joseph’s close friends Heber C. and Vilate Murray Kimball, who was sealed to Joseph several months before her 15th birthday.’

Teen Brides of Joseph Smith Jr. – List of Joseph Smiths Wives – Wikipedia

Fanny Alger—16  (JSJ—27 )
Sarah Ann Whitney—17  (JSJ—36 )
Flora Ann Woodworth—16  (JSJ—37 )
Emily Dow Partridge—19  (JSJ—37 )
Lucy Walker—17  (JSJ—37 )
Sarah Lawrence—17  (JSJ—37 )
Maria Lawrence—19  (JSJ—37 )
Helen Mar Kimball—14  (JSJ—37 )
Melissa Lott—19  (JSJ—37 )
Nancy Mariah Winchester—14  (JSJ—37 )

Brigham Young

Teen Brides of Brigham Young – List of Brigham Young’s Wives – Wikipedia

Miriam Angeline Works—18  (BY—23 )
Harriet Elizabeth Cook —19  (BY—42 )
Clarissa Caroline Decker —15  (BY—42 )
Elizabeth Fairchild —16  (BY—43 )
Diana Chase —17  (BY—43 )
Emmeline Free —18  (BY—43 )
Ellen Rockwood —16  (BY—44 )
Mary Ann Turley —18  (BY—44 )
Lucy Bigelow —16  (BY—45 )
Mary Jane Bigelow —19  (BY—45 )

Lorenzo Snow

Teen Brides of Lorenzo Snow – Lorenzo Snow – Wikipedia

Charlotte Squires—18  (LS—30 )
Sarah Ann Prichard—18  (LS—31 )
Eleanor Houtz—17  (LS—34 )
Mary Elizabeth Houtz—17  (LS—43 )
Phoebe Amelia Woodruff—16  (LS—44 )
Sara Minnie Ephramina Jensen—16  (LS—57 )

Wilford Woodruff

Teen Brides of Wilford Woodruff – Wilford Woodruff – Wikipedia

Sarah Elinor Brown—18  (WW—39 )
Mary Caroline Barton—17  (WW—39 )
Emma Smoot Smith—15  (WW—46 )
Sarah Brown—19  (WW—46 )
Sarah Delight Stocking—19  (WW—50 )

Nuptiality Measures for the White Population of the United States, 1850–1880 – Nuptiality Measures for the White Population of the United States, 1850–1880

1850….Male 26.8—Female 23.1
1860….Male 26.9—Female 22.8
1870….Male 26.8—Female 23.2
1880….Male 27.1—Female 23.4

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