Jackson County


Excerpt from a October 1900, General Conference address by George Q. Cannon: 1

“I have had resting upon my mind now for some time a feeling to call upon the Latter-day Saints and tell them that the coming of the Lord is near, even at our doors. I have been greatly impressed with this feeling. I know that Jesus is coming, and I feel that, as a people and as individuals, we ought to prepare for His coming. It ought to be our study every day how we can best prepare for His coming. While the angels themselves do not know when He will come, yet they do know, and we know also, -for God has revealed it to us-” that Jesus will come. He will come suddenly, when the world is unprepared for Him, and when He will be least expected by the inhabitants of the earth, and perhaps by us. He commands us to be “looking forth for the coming of the Son of Man, for He cometh in an hour you think not.” There may be many of us, and I hope there will be, who will be prepared for that great and glorious event. “

“If it be true, as I testify it is, that the coming of the Lord is not far distant, ought we not as a people and as individuals to prepare ourselves by listening to the instructions that we receive, and putting our households and all our affairs in such a condition that if the Lord should come suddenly upon us we should be prepared for His coming? We should see to it that nothing is left undone by us, no commandment unfulfilled, no counsel or instruction disregarded; but that our lives and the lives of our families as far as we can control them, are brought into such a condition as to be prepared for that glorious event; that we shall have oil in our lamps, and the lamps be trimmed and burning, that when we lay down at night, if the Lord should come, as He has said he would, like a thief in the night, we would not be unprepared for His coming. “

“Many who are now within the sound of my voice have been promised that they shall live, if they have faith, to behold the second coming of the Lord. The Lord has also promised that certain events shall take place while men that are standing in the generation in which these promises were made will yet be alive. All these promises go to show that it is not wise for us to put off the day of preparation and to think, “Oh! the Lord delayeth His coming. He may come while my children, or my grandchildren, or some of my posterity are living, but he will not come in my day.”

Excerpt from a October 1900, General Conference address by Prophet Lorenzo Snow: 2

“Now the time is fast approaching when a large portion of the people that I am now addressing will go back to Jackson county. A great many people that are now dwelling in the State of Utah will have this privilege. Whether I, President Cannon, President Smith, or all the brethren of the Twelve will go back I know not. But a large portion of the Latter-day Saints that now dwell in these valleys will go back to Jackson county to build a holy city to the Lord, as was decreed by Jehovah and revealed through Joseph Smith.”


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