Church Historian


Excerpt from Church News, 1 January 2012: 1

“The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced the call of Elder Steven E. Snow of the Presidency of the Seventy as Church Historian and Recorder, a role previously filled by Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy.”


Excerpt from the August 2007 Ensign, ‘Three Called to Serve in Presidency of the Seventy’: 2

“Elder Snow earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting at Utah State University and a juris doctorate degree at Brigham Young University.

Prior to his call to serve as a General Authority, Elder Snow was a senior partner in the law firm of Snow Nuffer. He has actively supported education, having served as a member and president of his local school board, Chairman of the Utah State Board of Regents, and Chairman of the Western States Commission of Higher Education.”



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