Church Broke


Former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith speaking privately to LDS leaders about how he tried to help their aims while in congress. February 2009 (Beginning at 13:15): 1

“I know, and have been a critic of the Iraq war, but I also admit to you that I voted for it because I felt the Lords hand in it. I hope it works out but I can promise you this, you’ll never send missionaries to the Arab street until the rule of law exists in Arabia. And it has taken root in Iraq. And ultimately I think that if that if that succeeds there will be an opportunity to begin building the church in the Middle East, which is a deeply troubled place.”

LDS area authority Ralph Hardy introduces Former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith to LDS leaders in a private meeting held in February 2009 (Beginning at 3:20):

“Gordon [Smith] became a skilled legislator and of greatest importance to this council today and in this sanctuary. I stand as a witness, of his tireless advocacy for the vital interest of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For in my experience he always stood ready first and foremost as a High Priest and as a covenant member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and receptive and able and willing to serve it’s most vital interest in Washington and in fact internationally. “

Though I can’t remember any Latter-day Saints that were permanent members of his staff. It was fair to say that his staff in the senate was church-broke. In fact, not many months ago his legislative director called me on the phone and he said “Ralph, you haven’t called us in 6 weeks, what are we supposed to be doing?”


1 Private meeting with former Oregon Senator Gordon Smith speaking to LDS leaders (Youtube) –