Buy up the Children


Excerpt from the journal of Wilford Woodruff: 1

May 12, 1851: At Cedar City, President Young then addressed them and said he would express his feelings upon the subject to those who wished to go home. If you were now on a mission to France, England or any other part of the earth preaching the gospel, you would not sit down and counsel together about going to get your families or go home until your mission was ended. This is of quite as much importance as preaching the gospel. for the time has now come when it is required of us to make the wilderness blossom as the rose. Our mission now is building up stakes of Zion and filling these mountains with cities and when your mission is ended, you are at liberty to go and be free and only do right. When I go on a mission, I leave my affairs in the hands of God. If my house, fields, flocks, wife or children die in my absence, I say Amen to it. If they live and prosper, I feel to say Amen to it and thank the Lord. He wished the brethren to finish the fort and secure their grain and wished the land to be surveyed so that the brethren who laid the foundation could have their choice of farms. He counselled the brethren to buy up the Lamanite children as fast as they could and educate them and teach them the gospel so that not many generations they would be a white and delightsome people for the Lord could not have devised a better plan than to have put us where we are in order to accomplish this thing. 


1 Journal of Wilford Woodruff –