Brandy Sling


From Wilford Woodruff’s journal entry, June 9 1897, Vol. 7, Pg. 305: 1

“June 9th I was quite restless all night. Felt chilly. Took a little Brandy sling and a cup of coffee, and slept some before daylight and until 9 am”


From Wilford Woodruff’s journal entry, April 1897, Vol. 7, Pg. 290:

“Arrived at 11.10. I drank some Hot Lemonade with a little brandy in it. Went to bed and soon to sleep.”

“April 10th Had some distress in my stomach. Did not sleep good. Drank a cup of coffee at 7.30 and Slept for 3 hours.”

“April 11th I slept some 3 hours after midnight. Ate a few stewed oysters & drank a cup of coffee for breakfast.”

“April 13th I slept from 4 pm yesterday till 6 am some 7 1/2 hours. Had a cup of coffee & some bread & milk.”


Excerpt from an 1880 General Conference address by Wilford Woodruff: 2

“Now I will say a few words more, and then I will close. I have often been asked the question, what condition should a man be in in order to receive a recommend to go through the Temple of the Lord? I will tell my feelings in regard to this matter, and if they are not correct, President Taylor and others of the Twelve can correct me. I believe it is too late in the day to send men to the Temple who make a daily use of whiskey, or other strong drinks, tobacco, &c, and there perform the ordinances for their dead; it is not acceptable in the sight of the Lord God of Israel. If we are going to be saved, let us build up the Kingdom of God, let us be reasonable and live according to what we preach; let us live our religion. I do not believe that a man is fit to go into the temples of the Lord to administer these ordinances for the living and the dead, who will make a practice of drinking strong drinks. What do you drink? Whiskey? No; you drink strychnine; you drink tobacco and a great deal of abysinthe, “blue ruin” and death; you drink anything under heaven but pure liquor. It can scarcely be said to exist in the land. The “stuff that is sold deprives you of your agency, and gives the devil power over you; it does so with anybody who makes a practice of using this liquor and other intoxicants. No one who uses them is fit to administer in the ordinances of the House of the Lord.
My own faith is that no one is fit to administer the sacrament, baptize the children of men, or administer in the House of God, unless he in a measure keeps the Word of Wisdom. The Spirit of God will not dwell in unholy temples.”