One or Two

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Excerpt from ‘For Righteousness’ Sake’, by Apostle Mark E. Petersen, Pub. 1972:

Two In A Family

It is earnestly to be hoped that Latter-day Saints will not be misled by the ridiculous philosophy now being widely advocated that families are to be limited to one, or at most two, children.

It is earnestly to be hoped also that they will not be duped into believing that there is nothing wrong with abortion and be made to feel that states and nations which now legalize it and permit almost at will, are farseeing and progressive.

The doctrine of one or two children to the family IS CONTRARY TO THE REVEALED INSTRUCTION OF GOD.

Have not the prophets of the Church taught from the beginning of our history that large families are to be desired? Shall we repudiate them? Have not the Saints been advised by those prophets NOT TO LIMIT their families, except in cases of poor health on the part of the mothers?