Incriminate Themselves


Excerpt from Utah Layton Priesthood Leadership Conference, February 15, 2014:[footnote]Utah Layton Priesthood Leadership Conference – Mormon Leaks[/footnote]

Q. How do you handle a temple recommend interview with individuals who claim to support the brethren but the individual is clearly supportive of issues that are against the teachings of the prophet such as same-sex marriage?

A. Elder Perry: This is difficult for many people, as they are sympathetic to a loved one who struggles. I do not believe they are born with it. It is a temptation like any other. As long as they keep their support of that loved one within their family, leave it up to them. Elder Tanner taught us how to ask questions in the temple recommend interview. Ask them the questions and if necessary they will incriminate themselves. Put the burden on them. They have to come forward and if we ask the questions the right way I think they will. Say to them “now on this recommend there are three signatures, the first will be yours. As a witness in front of these other witness and God himself, if you feel comfortable putting your name on this recommend then we will join in recommending you as worthy to enter the House of the Lord. The laws of marriage will not change. Homosexual marriages will always be sin in the eyes of the Lord and they will be judged accordingly for living that way.

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Utah Layton Priesthood Leadership Conference – Mormon Leaks