Tithing or Food


Image: Elder Valeri V. Cordón, Quorum of the Seventy. 

Excerpt from the April 2017 General Conference, Valeri V. Cordón: [footnote]Full Conference Address (video) – LDS.org[/footnote]

“One day, during those difficult times, I heard my parents discussing whether they should pay tithing or buy food for the children. On Sunday, I followed my father to see what he was going to do. After our church meetings I saw him take an envelope and put his tithing in it.”

The LDS Church is likely worth $40 billion today:[footnote]How the Mormons Make Money – Bloomberg, July 2012 [/footnote]

“…a recent investigation by Reuters in collaboration with sociology professor Cragun estimates that the LDS Church is likely worth $40 billion today and collects up to $8 billion in tithing each year.”

Recent documents reveal members of the Quorum of the 70, such as Elder Cordón, receive a base salary of $120,000/yr (from 2014): [footnote]First Q70 Living Allowance – Mormon Leaks[/footnote]

In Accordance with approved procedures, the annual General Authority base allowance has been increased from $116,400 to $120,000. This will begin with your paycheck issued on January 10, 2014 (pay period 1).

Detailed information on the t2014 medical benefits and related premiums was sent to you earlier by Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators.



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