Tithes Sufficient


April 1907 LDS General Conference, Joseph F. Smith, Pg. 7: 1

At last we are in a position that we can pay as we go. We do not have to borrow any more, and we wont have to if the Latter-day Saints continue to live their religion and observe this law of tithing, It is the law of revenue to the Church. Furthermore, I want to say to you, we may not be able to reach it right away, but we expect to see the day when we will not have to ask you for one dollar of donation for any purpose, except that which you volunteer to give of your own accord, because we will have tithes sufficient in the storehouse of the Lord to pay everything that is needful for the advancement of the kingdom of God. I want to live to see that day, if the Lord will spare my life. It does not make any difference, though, so far as that is concerned, whether I live or not. That is the true policy, the true purpose of the Lord in the management of the affairs of His Church.

‘MormonLeaks: LDS Church connected to at least $32B in U.S. stock market’, KUTV News, May 30 2018: 2

“The church — officially titled The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — does not not publish the details of its finances, but the website MormonLeaks.io released information it says connects the church to 13 LLC companies that collectively owned the stocks at the end of 2017 and provides the collective value at $32,769,914,000. One of the financial reports was from 2015.

MormonLeaks wrote that each of the 13 companies have domains that are hosted by the LDS Church servers, that also hosts LDS.org and Mormon.org. “All of them were registered on July 21, 2016,” according to MormonLeaks, that also provided a more technical explanation. It claimed there is little doubt the LLC domains are owned the church.”

Further Study

MormonLeaks™ Compiles Information Connecting Mormon Church to $32 Billion of Investments – https://mormonleaks.io/newsroom/2018/05/30/mormonleaks-compiles-information-connecting-mormon-church-to-32-billion-of-investments/


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